Dine Out: Atlas Steak + Fish

Today my sister and I went to the Atlas Steak + Fish restaurant for Dine Out. The Dine Out menu here cost $40. For our starter we both got the tomato bisque, followed by the 7oz Angus Reserve Striploin Steak as our main, and the Baked Alaska for dessert which cost an extra $4 per person. Continue reading Dine Out: Atlas Steak + Fish


Glenburn Soda Fountain – Hot Chocolate Fest

Hot chocolate fest is currently taking place and I’m super excited to try out as many new flavours as I possibly can! This Tuesday I went to the Glenburn Soda Fountain to try out their current hot chocolate flavour. It was the Sealed With a Kirsch and was served with a chocolate cherry ice cream sandwich.

The ice cream sandwich was definitely my favourite part of the experience and the brownies that the ice cream was sandwiched between were delicious. The hot chocolate however was alright. It had a faux alcoholic flavour to it and that just made the hot chocolate taste a little off. I ended up drinking only half my hot chocolate. There are still two other flavours of hot chocolate this place will have during hot chocolate fest and I might just have to go try them too!

Let me know if you’re just as excited as I am for hot chocolate fest in the comments below, and what participating café’s you’ve been to so far or plan to go to!





Something that’s true

This week in class my instructor asked us an odd question. She asked the class something along the lines of “tell me something that’s true, but most people don’t believe.” At first I was quite confused. What do I know that’s true but people don’t believe to be true? I’ve heard that it’s safer travelling by air (flying), compared to travelling on road (driving). This makes sense and sounds quite logical, but thanks to news media for making us (common people) feel afraid of flying!

Flying is safer than driving because there are fewer planes in the air than the number of cars on the roads. Anyone with a valid drivers license can drive. Let’s not get into the topic about unsafe drivers and drunk driving. That’s a huge issue! Not anyone can fly a plane, and planes are scheduled to fly at certain times and on certain routes. It’s about time we took control of our fears of flying and gave this means of transport more credit!




Blog Decesions

This week I set up my personal domain and created my blog – Sha Ponders. I originally wanted ‘She ponders’, but unfortunately someone already owns that name. With so many individuals having their own blogs, it’s not surprising that the name you first come up with will be taken.

I picked the word ‘ponders’ specifically because I’m often ‘pondering.’ I think it defines me well. I still have to play around with the settings and pick the most fitting theme for this blog, however I can do that in the next few weeks of this semester. So far I have picked a very simple and clean theme. I want my blog to look professional, so keeping it simple with lots of white spaces will be the aesthetic of my blog.

So far, I have added categories on the menu bar for Food, Travel, Lifestyle and of course Posiel- with is the tab for my Publishing 101 class. These were the categories I drew on my vision board when envisioning my blog layout. Under ‘food,’ I plan to write review posts for the different restaurants that I go to. I already post some food reviews on 255Sisterseat, however it should be fun to review them more in-depth here.  I might also include recipes for anything that I decide to bake. Under the travel category I will write about the adventures I go on. This could be me going away for the weekend somewhere in BC, going back home to Tanzania or when I go away on holiday in the future. Lastly, in the lifestyle category I plan to post whatever else that comes to mind. This could be international student related, outfit of the day, makeup and so on.

This blog is a space of creativity and exploration.

-Shazia xx