Must Watch On Netflix!

Something that keeps me going throughout the semester is binge watching TV shows. Here are 3 shows on Netflix I have been loving and you should check out.

Schitt’s Creek

This show is a very recent discovery and I cannot wait for Season 4 to come to Netflix. It’s about a family of four – Mum, Dad, Sister and Brother who become poor because of their financial manager’s mistakes. The family is kicked out of their mansion, and their possessions are auctioned to pay off all their debt. Luckily they own a town called Schitt’s Creek where they are able to move to and are put up at a motel by the town’s mayor. The show continues showcasing the families’ struggles of trying to fit in as a lower class family in the rural town of Shitt’s Creek.

Schitt's Creek Gif


This show is for you if you love watching mysteries being solved. Olivia Pope and associates are some badass individuals who come together and solve cases and bring out the truth. Olivia Pope is the main character of the show. She solves a lot of cases, has an affair with the president and makes sure to have everything in the white house go her way. This eventually changes when the president changes.

Olivia Pope Gif

Jane The Virgin

This show is basically an English telenovela. It’s about a girl who is accidentally inseminated and becomes pregnant. The gynaecologist who inseminated her is the sperm owner’s sister. She originally had to inseminate his wife. The show is super dramatic and exiting. Every episode keeps you wanting more!

Jane the virgin gif

Let me know if you watch any of these show or have any other recommendations for me in the comments section below!

-Shazia xx


Week 10: “Oh no it’s Monday!”

This week in class, we had to think about how we post content differently on various social media platforms. We were then asked to come up with a #fourwordcauseofdeath. In this post I talk about how expressed my four words on Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter. I chose not to post on Facebook and therefore will not be mentioning it below. I have now come up with “Oh no it’s Monday”!


On Twitter I used a gif to express my annoyance with Mondays because the weekend is over, and I have to make sure all my assignments are done for when they’re due and I have to get up early for my classes. The gif I used is from Gilmore Girls – a Netflix show and it’s a scene where Loralai is expressing how she doesn’t like Mondays when conversing with Luke.

Oh no it's Monday tweet


On Snapchat, I used a filter to create a cute/ sad face to express to close friends that I was trying to portray that I was upset about it being a Monday. Snapchat is a place where I don’t try to appear too serious. I hardly use Snapchat because I’ve moved on to Instagram stories. Sending personal snaps to my friends isn’t something I usually do. They are posted directly to my story, so doing this felt a little odd. I also felt the need to extend the “nooo” because I felt silly adding the phrase I had chosen without it looking a little more dramatic.


On Instagram, I posted a picture of Macarons that I had taken last week for Macaron day and didn’t end up posting. I then added the quote, “Oh hello week” that I found on Pinterest. This expressed that I was ready for the week. On Instagram I felt the need to be more positive as I don’t want to appear as a negative person. That’s not my brand. I then ended it off with #myfourwordcauseofdeath and #ohnoitsmonday

Let me know what your #fourwordcauseofdeath are in the comments section!

-Shazia xx


Blog Marketability

This is peer review number 3. For this assignment, I get to take a look at Jade Boiser’s blog. Here, I will be looking at how marketable the blog is for her intended audience. I will also take into consideration how her blog gains its audience, and what else can be done to get more traffic so that more people can find Jade’s content.

In one of her process posts, I noticed that Jade mentions that her imagined audience is between the ages of 13-20. She believes that she can relate to individuals within this age group. She talks about how people closer to her age group will find her content relatable. I definitely agree with Jade. It would be impossible to know how to write for an a much older a younger audience. When blogging it is important to be able to relate to your audience to keep them engaged.

A few things I noticed that Jade is doing to keep her content personal and engaging is that her posts are easy to read. The words she uses are simple enough for young audience to understand. She keeps her posts and simple so that her young readers do not get bored. And most importantly, her posts are relatable. Some of the topics I came across included personal relationships, breakups and what she has learned through her experiences whether negative or positive. Her content allows young readers to feel as though Jade is just like them.

According to an article from week 5 – Searching for a public of their own, I think Jade has definitely nailed it with producing content that relates to the teen demographic. The article talks about how choosing what to share and how much is up to the content creator. Jade choses to share a great amount of personal stories and the connections she makes with the music she listens to. This demographic she is targeting in particular seems to be all about their music and therefore her content can be extremely relatable for this audience.

In order for this blog to attract new readers, I feel as though Jade could perhaps either make her Instagram account public or create a specific one for her blog. I see that she has her private account on her site in the sidebar, however because it is private, viewers on her blog cannot access her posts and see the person behind the screen and it seems a little pointless to link the account if it is private (I do recognize her great use of pictures in her posts- which go amazingly with the content). Also, because the account is private, she cannot use hashtags on Instagram to promote her posts. I think Jade could really use this social media platform to get her blog out there as it has such a unique concept and young individuals could really connect with her through her posts.

-Shazia xx


Week 9: What Google Analytics Has to Say

My findings in Google Analytics allowed me to see that most, if not all of my website’s audience is North American. This means that even though I’m an international student, I have to cater to my audience who are most likely North American and may not be able to relate to International student related content. The audiences were from Canada, America and Peru. To me this is quite surprising because I am Tanzanian and I know for a fact that I’ve asked some individuals in Tanzania to take a look at my sight and give me feedback. This does not seem to have been recorded by Google Analytics and therefore makes me feel as though I should not trust all the data Google Analytics is providing to me. Does Google Analytics only record data from activity taking place in North America? It does not feel like a credible source.

Also, according to Google Analytics, readers mostly go to the site on days that I post. This means that in order to drive traffic to my site more frequently throughout the week, I need to spread out my posts throughout the week. I can post on Mondays and Wednesdays if I’m only putting two posts out or Monday, Wednesday and Friday when I have a third post to put up. Furthermore, it seems as though when I mention the posting on Instagram, it seems as though more individuals come from there. Therefore I should keep promoting posts on my Instagram account as well as on Facebook because it seems as though despite me not posting on that platform, readers are also being driven from there. This could allow me to get more visitors and views to my site, allowing me to be able to activate my Google AdSense.


Protecting Your Privacy On Social Media

Facebook was at its peak before other social media platforms took over. Instagram is one of the leading social media platforms today, as it requires users to scroll through visual content efficiently. Users have short attention spans. Visual content allows easy browsing for lazy social media users. Instagram allows individuals to create a facade, making their lives appear more interesting and relevant than they really are.

I believe that Facebook is now at its declining stages as older individuals are beginning to dominate the platform. We see our mum’s, aunties and uncle’s spending more time on Facebook, sharing posts that are not credible; sharing pictures without thinking about what Facebook is doing with all their data, as well as allowing strangers to view their pictures and private information. For many of us in our 20s, we understand the importance of protecting our privacy. It is important to protect our privacies at this age because despite it being illegal for employers/ interviewers to stalk us online before interviewing us or deciding to hire us or not, it is a widely practised procedure that takes place. We need to be cautious of what future employers, and coworkers are seeing.

A world without Facebook would not necessarily make much of a difference in many of our lives today. There are so many other more engaging platforms that individuals can use to communicate and interactions with others globally. We are able to have direct conversations on platforms such as Skype and WhatsApp where no information is publicly accessible. Individuals can also choose to using social media platforms that are more easy to keep private. Instagram allows users to keep their account completely private. Only followers can view the users content.

Facebook is more difficult to keep private as users have to figure out how to privatize various aspects of their profile. This includes having to privatize posts and profile pictures individually. Personally, I choose not to post on Facebook anymore because a lot of acquaintances follow me on there. I have managed to delete old, unnecessary posts and privatize pictures of when I was younger. On Instagram however, I only allow close friends to follow me. This allows me to keep my life private, and my mind at ease.

Until next time,



Makeup Faves Spring 2018

This year seems to have whizzed by extremely quickly. It feels like it was just last week that I was home for Christmas soaking in the sun in beautiful Mwanza. It’s been about two and a half months since I got back and the semester is coming to an end so quickly. It’s already spring and the cold days are almost behind us, which I am extremely thrilled about. I am excited to share with you my makeup favourites for spring so far.

There have been a few makeup bits I have been loving lately, so I’ll go through them and explain why I’ve been loving them in this post.

Makeup flatlay


The first thing would be foundation. I’ve been using the Tarté Amazonian Clay Full Coverage Airbrush Foundation for a while now and I feel like it is perfect for those days when I don’t want much coverage. Although the name claims the foundation gives full coverage, I would disagree with that. It is definitely not full coverage, but it is a great foundation for days where you are in a hurry to get out the door and still want something on your face. If you want more coverage, I would suggest using a concealer under the foundation to correct the areas necessary. A really great concealer is the Makeup Forever Ultra HD concealer.


Moving on, I have been loving two shades of lipsticks. The first is Whirl by MAC Cosmetics and the second is Damson no. 425 by Burberry. The Burberry lipstick is one I reach for on brighter days when I want a pop of colour. Whirl however, is one I tend to reach for on greyer days or when I can’t decide what to put on. These non-matte lipsticks are great for this season as my lips are slightly more dryer than during the summer.


An old makeup favourite of mine is this gorgeous BE MATTE BLUSH by City Color Cosmetics in the shade Fresh Melon. I received this blush a little while ago in one of my subscription boxes. It is extremely pigmented and the peachy shade looks amazing on my skin tone.


As for mascara, I have been loving Lancôme’s Hypnôse Drama Instant Dull Body Volume Mascara for many years now. It gives my lashes more length without making them look too clumpy. I also tend to fill in my brows on most days when I have the time using the Benefit Cosmetics ka-BROW – cream gel. I thought this product would be challenging to use, however it has really cut down the amount of time I spend on filling in my brows. Also, a little goes long way.

Let me know what some of your favourite products are in the comments below!

-Shazia xx



Week 8: Monetization

According to Ad Sense, this blog needs to have posts with more words so that they can get a gist of the type of ads that would be appropriate for it. Apparently multi media posts are not considered when Google ads decide to approve a blog for monetization. This means that I am going to have to produce more wordy posts, which I am okay with doing, even though in my opinion I find them to be quite boring and I probably won’t re read ever. Do I want to monetize this blog? Of course I do. Nobody puts in effort into something without expecting a beneficial outcome. I should also put up posts more frequently if I expect to make more than a cent if even that.

Personally I think blogs are dying out in the same way as magazines are dying out. I’m taking a course – PUB 375, which is about magazines. Designing it, the costs of publishing it etc. The most important thing I’ve learnt from this course so far is that I do not want to work for a magazine. I once wanted to become an editor for some magazine, any magazine after I wrote a post for the SFU OLC/ Engage blog. People do not want to read if they don’t have to. I too hate reading after taking all the communication courses I’ve taken so far. Approximately 30 pages for 2-3 reading per week per course are no joke and no fun. I would much rather watch a 60-minute video per week for each course. This is why I believe that blogs are dying out, just like magazines.

-Shazia xx


IWD 2018 by YWiB SFU

The YWiB held an event – IWD gala for the International Women’s Day 2018 at the Pinnacle hotel at the pier in North Vancouver on  March 3rd, 2018. I decided to attend this event as it sounded like a lot of fun and I could meet people in the communications industry.

Arrival- 6pm

The event began at 6pm where attendees were invited to connect with one another. Small refreshments were being served during this mingling session. There was even a special drink called “Pink Lady” which was quite refreshing.

Photo Booth

A photo booth was set up by Butter Studios where attendees could go get photo’s taken. This was quite stressful, as the photographer’s seemed to want to hurry everyone along. It felt like they did’t want to be there.


We then went and found a table to sit at as the panel was about to start. The topic was ‘Endless direction,’ and the speaker’s talked about their journey’s towards their career paths, and how they got to where they are. The main take away was that nobody stays in the same place as they are throughout their lives. It was nice listening to their stories and finding out about the different companies and organizations that they have been a part of. I was particularly interested in learning more about the Dress for Success organization. I will definitely be looking into it and seeing if I can get involved!


Overall it was interesting to learn about various companies and being assured that nobody sticks to one career path for the rest of their lives. People discover their strengths and interests through their experiences.

There was a raffle table in one of the corners where guests could purchase tickets and pick which prizes they wanted to enter for. I put in a few tickets in all of them but didn’t win anything. The raffle took place at the very end and was a fun way to end the night – especially for those who won something!

My sister and I by the IWD2018 baloons

The event was definitely enjoyable and I look forward to attending more such events that are both informative and empowering.


-Shazia xx.