May Favorites 2018

Hello Ponderer, today I will be sharing with you some of my May favorites. I have tried to include a wide range of items to keep the list interesting. Let me know if I missed anything and you would be interested in seeing in my next months favorites post. Lets get right into it:


Summer is approaching soon and so I decided to get my nails done this month. I picked a lovely baby blue shade that I thought would look quite nice on my short nails and suit my skin tone.

I got my nails done at Bello’s Nail salon located in Coquitlam. On their Instagram page, you can see the amazing nail art that they do, and I can’t wait for my nails to grow a little longer so I can get something creative done to them. This was my first time trying out this nail salon and I must say I was really impressed. They were really quick and did a great job. Personally I hate getting a mani and pedi and spending about 2-3 hours at a salon. Normally I have to wait for my pedicure to get done, and then I have to wait for someone to do my manicure. At Bello’s my manicure and pedicure was done at the same time, which meant that I was there for just an hour! I will definitely be coming back here for their quick service. If you visit this place, make sure you make an appointment, as nail salons are often really busy.Shellac manicure

Eye Cream:

I have been using the Stem Cellular Anti Wrinkle Eye Treatment by Juice Beauty. I received this eye cream in one of the VIB Rouge event goody bags recently and thought I should try it out. The packaging is very convenient – you just have to press the top for the cream to come out and then swipe it under your eyes. Pat any access cream with your fingers. I don’t really know if the cream is effective, however there is no harm in trying to prevent wrinkles in that area!Juice Beauty stem cellular anti wrinkle eye treatment

Instagram Account:

I feel like this is a relevant category to add to my favourites since I spend so much time on Instagram. My favourite account this month has been @mayapolarbear – Maya is such a cute Samoyed and her personality is just so adorable! The person running this account is also so funny and posts the most adorable videos, video edits and pictures of Maya. The account very much makes me think of my furry friends back at home, which is why I love following it.

Summer drink:

Matcha, Matcha, Matcha! I have been loving myself a Matcha Slushy on a warm, sunny day! I never thought I would like anything matcha when I first ever saw the green stuff, however Matcha cakes, Matcha ice cream and slushes have been my go to lately. From some of my Internet research, I have learned that Matcha has many health benefits such as it is a great antioxidant. I learned that it has way more health benefits that drinking green tea and that a big “yes please” moment for me right there! If you haven’t tried anything matcha yet, I should warn you that it tastes very green and odd. It does take a little getting used to, but when you consume it through deserts the taste is quite unnoticeable. I just don’t know if the same health benefits apply when mixed with so much sugar!


In case you haven’t noticed, I wear glasses on a daily. I’ve tried wearing contacts but I really can’t stand putting them in my eyes – it really freaks me out! I decided to get sunnies with prescription lenses and got mine from Eyebuydirect and I’m really impressed with them. They fit great and the prescription it just right. I need to wear mine more this summer and I’m thinking of getting myself another pair soon! The prices aren’t too bad either which was a great selling point for me.Eyebuydirect

Currently watching TV show:

Lately I’ve been binge-watching Friends on Netflix. I love the show more than I thought I would. I can’t believe I had put it off for so long! A good friend of mine was obsessing about this show last year and so after re-watching all of Gilmore Girls, I decided to give Friends a shot. I’m currently on season 8 and already sad that I’ll be done watching the whole show in no time!

Foot wear:

I recently got myself a pair of these GRADY Steve Madden Slides. I think they’re quite unique. The top is leather and the sole is rubber, making it quite a comfortable and easy to slip on shoe. I can’t wait to get more use out of them this summer. Steve Madden

Hot Chocolate:

I love a nice cup of hot chocolate. I’m always on the hunt for a different type of hot chocolate to try. I found the Silly Cow hot chocolate at Whole Foods. It tastes great, but the packaging makes it really difficult to get the hot chocolate out. You can only fit a teaspoon through the tiny hole even though the instructions say you need 2 tablespoons. I might have to put it into a different container to make things easier. You can also get this hot chocolate off of Amazon. Hot chocolate

That’s it from me for this post. Let me know what some of your favourites are, I love trying out new things. Also let me know if you will be trying out any of the things I have mentioned in this post.

-Shazia xx


Takashi Murakami At Vancouver Art Galery

On Saturday the 5th of April, I decided to check out Takashi Murakami’s “The Octopus Ate His Leg” at the Vancouver Art Gallery. It was the last weekend that the art pieces were going to be on display at the museum, and so it was the only opportunity I had to go see it. In this post I will share with you some of the pictures I took of his work that I really liked. I will also be sharing a few pictures on Instagram, so be sure to follow me there.

Murakami art

Murakami art


Let me know if you went to see Murakami’s work and what you thought of it. What was your favourite piece? I think mine would have to be the skull in the picture above. I love all the detail that went into that piece.

-Shazia xx