Autumn Bucket List

Hello Autumn

Can we talk about how quickly the Summer’s gone by?! Summer has to be my favourite season by far. I know that the colder weather is “cosy” and what not, but I’d just rather be really hot than cold. I like the long, sunny days compared to the dark, dreary fall days. With that being said, unfortunately the seasons are out of my control and I have to embrace the cold 🙁 *sigh*

I made a little bucket list on my Instagram account, but I thought I’d add a couple of new things to it that I plan on doing this Autumn.

  1. One of the perks of living in Vancouver is that there are a lot of cool things happening all the time. The Haunted Trolly tour is one of them! I’m not sure of what to expect but it’s all about new experiences right? I’ll keep you updated on how that goes if I do end up going! Eeek 😮
  2. Going to a Pumpkin patch! Imagine all the cute pictures I could take 😛 It’s obviously all about the pictures when it comes to pumpkins.
  3. Baking Fall themed cookies! Maybe Halloween themed ones.
  4. Carving a Pumpkin! Sooo this is embarrassing – I’ve lived in Vancouver for about 6.5 years and have never carved a pumpkin! This year it must be done.
  5. Do something on Halloween!! I’ve never celebrated Halloween mostly because where I come from, it’s not really a thing. I still don’t get what the fuss is about, but I should probably embrace it if I want to find out? I’ll keep you updated if I do end up doing anything this year.

That’s all I can think of for now. Let me know what’s on your bucket list for Autumn/ Fall. I would love to know and maybe add it to mine!

Until next time,

Your fellow Ponderer! xxx


August 2018 Favourites

Hello Ponderer,

Four more months until the end of the year! 2018 has whizzed by so quickly, I cannot believe it. I’ll be done with uni this year, and I’m feeling a mixture of emotion as you can imagine. Not sure I’m ready to take on the world, but it’s going to happen really soon. The month of August went by too quickly for me. I was off school this month which was amazing. It’s so rare to get a whole 4 weeks off of school! Lets jump into what I loved this lovely, chilled month of August!

Hair stuff

The OUAI leave in conditioner has been life changing for my hair. It smells so heavenly – I’m not even kidding. It leaves my hair feeling so soft, even softer than when I condition it in the shower! I’m definitely getting myself the full size in the Sephora VIB sale.

leave in conditioner


A few weeks ago I got myself 2 Anastasia Beverly Hills matte lippies in the shades Rosewood and Stevie. I haven’t gotten a lot of use out of Stevie yet since I think it’s more of an Autumnie/ Wintery shade on my skin tone, however I have been absolutely loving Rosewood. The texture is quite nice too. Because it’s matte it doesn’t leave a glossy residue on the lips which is great.

Rosewood Lippie


In my continuous hopes of trying to eat more healthy and continuously failing, I have been loving this Persian yoghurt dip called “Shallot Yoghurt.” I dip crisps/ chips (whatever you choose to call them) in this delicious dip. I literally eat half a packet of crisps in one go, which is really embarrassing but true.

Shallot Yoghurt

Oily Skin Fix

I have oily/ combination skin which means that my face turns into a disco ball every couple of hours when its hot/ humid. I use oil absorbing sheets to keep the oil in control and love the Equate ones. I’ve tried many different ones over the years and have come to a conclusion that these work best for me. They aren’t like the thin tracing paper sheets which tear really easily which means that they can be dragged on the face. What can I say, I’m not a dabber.

Equate blotting sheets

That’s it from me this month. Let me know what your summer essentials have been. Is there anything that you would recommend I try? I’m always up for trying new things. Let me know in the comments below! 😀

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Until next time,

Shazia xx