A little about Shaponders:

I started this blog in January of 2018 as a class project. I really enjoyed the freedom of creating my own content beyond Instagram, that I kept putting up posts after the project was over. Shaponders had no real direction when it first began, however it currently focuses on its monthly favourites posts. The goal is to post more lifestyle content in the future.

This is me visiting Rocko’s Diner in Mission aka Pops Diner from Riverdale!
A little about me:

I am a 20 something year old sharing various bits of my life with you here. I enjoy watching YouTube videos, eating cake, baking, eating out, working out, reviewing new restaurants/cafe’s on @255sisterseat on IG! I cover a cluster of topics ranging from my monthly favourites, tv show reviews, travel posts, food reviews and ootd’s! The goal here is to try and post regularly. I hope you’ll stick around to see where I can take Shaponders!


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