Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving this year, I know I sure did. I slept in a lot and also managed to have some turkey this year. Normally my sister and I grab some McDonalds. Last year I think we upped our tradition and had some White Spot. Classy, I know! 😀 This was our first time having turkey for Thanksgiving, and it was quite out of the blue. We hadn’t really planned on it until the very last minute.

My sister decided that we should go to the Pier 7 Restaurant and Bar for their Thanksgiving meal on Sunday evening. I was obviously down for it! For our starters we both chose to have the butternut squash soup. I’d say it tasted like a milder butter chicken. I could have had it with some naan or paratha haha! 😀

butternut squash soup

It was then followed by the entrée, which was the roasted turkey. It was quite delicious. I think it could have done with some more flavouring, but it was my first time trying something like this. It included mashed potatoes, some roasted veggies, brussel sprouts (which the picky eater inside me did not eat), cranberry sauce (I still don’t know what this was for, but apparently it’s a thing), the turkey of course, with some gravy. Yes, a lot of food indeed.

turkey dinner

As for dessert, there were two options and my sister and I picked one of each so we could share them and try them both. I really liked the chocolate lava cake, whilst my sister was a fan of the warm pumpkin tart. It was a win, win for the both of us! 😛

pumpkin pie and lava cake

I hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving! Let me know what you did, and what your traditions are. I would love to know!

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-Your fellow Ponderer! xx


Snowy Village

Shaved ice is something I’ve wanted to try for a long time. I found this amazing little place called Snowy Village near Coquitlam centre that does shaved ice really well and also serves these really delicious sandwiches called Taiyaki. So far I have tried their Chocolate, Cheesecake, Oreo and Mango flavoured shaved ice aka Bingsoo. My fave has to be the Chocolate and Oreo with the cheesecake coming in next. I personally don’t like my deserts with fruit in them, therefore I would put the Mango Bingsoo last, however this is one of their most recommended flavours.


The seating area is quite cute. The chairs are fairly tiny, almost like a stool, but still sturdy enough to sit on.
Bingsoo is a Korean shaved ice dessert. This comes in various different flavours such as Oreo, Cheesecake, Injeolmi (Korean rice cake) and many more. This particular one is the Mango Bingsoo.
They also serve Croissant Taiyaki with various fillings inside it. This is the pizza Taiyaki which tastes like a grilled cheese sandwich.

Let me know what you think of shaved ice, have you tried it? Also let me know if you’ve heard of this place or been to it and what your thoughts are. I’d love to know!

-Shazia xx


Thomas Haas Patisserie – Hot Chocolate Fest


Today my sister and I headed to North Van to Thomas Haas Patisserie to try out their Snowball fight hot chocolate that they are having for hot chocolate fest. The hot chocolate came with a biscuit and a chocolate ball that was quite delicious. They sell similar chocolates at the cafe, but this particular one was not for sale. I’m guessing it was special for hot chocolate fest. The chocolate was creamy, with a rum like flavour to it. The hot chocolate itself was really good too. The first few sips were a little bitter, however after drinking the top layer it seemed to sweeten out, or maybe my tastebuds became used to the flavour. Overall this particular hot chocolate experience was great and I would definitely come back next year! We also ended up buying some of their other chocolates which we have yet to devour.

-Shazia x



Dine Out: Atlas Steak + Fish

Today my sister and I went to the Atlas Steak + Fish restaurant for Dine Out. The Dine Out menu here cost $40. For our starter we both got the tomato bisque, followed by the 7oz Angus Reserve Striploin Steak as our main, and the Baked Alaska for dessert which cost an extra $4 per person. Continue reading Dine Out: Atlas Steak + Fish


Glenburn Soda Fountain – Hot Chocolate Fest

Hot chocolate fest is currently taking place and I’m super excited to try out as many new flavours as I possibly can! This Tuesday I went to the Glenburn Soda Fountain to try out their current hot chocolate flavour. It was the Sealed With a Kirsch and was served with a chocolate cherry ice cream sandwich.

The ice cream sandwich was definitely my favourite part of the experience and the brownies that the ice cream was sandwiched between were delicious. The hot chocolate however was alright. It had a faux alcoholic flavour to it and that just made the hot chocolate taste a little off. I ended up drinking only half my hot chocolate. There are still two other flavours of hot chocolate this place will have during hot chocolate fest and I might just have to go try them too!

Let me know if you’re just as excited as I am for hot chocolate fest in the comments below, and what participating café’s you’ve been to so far or plan to go to!