Sealed with a Kirsch

Glenburn Soda Fountain – Hot Chocolate Fest

Hot chocolate fest is currently taking place and I’m super excited to try out as many new flavours as possible. Hot Chocolate Fest is a also a great festival to check out if you love going to different cafe’s and seeing the various desserts and drinks that they serve. The festival allows participating cafe’s to get super creative, which is great if you’re looking to take cool pictures of some crazy cool hot chocolates and desserts.

This week I went to Glenburn Soda Fountain to try out their current hot chocolate flavour: Sealed With a Kirsch. It was served with a chocolate cherry ice cream sandwich.

The ice cream sandwich was definitely my favourite part of the experience, and the browny that the ice cream was sandwiched between was delicious. The hot chocolate however did not live up to my expectations. It had a faux alcoholic flavour added to it which made the hot chocolate taste a little off. I ended up drinking only half of my hot chocolate. There are still two other flavours of hot chocolate that Glenburn will have during hot chocolate fest this year. I might just have to try them too!

Let me know if you’re just as excited as I am for hot chocolate fest in the comments below. If you’ve been to any participating cafe’s, which ones have you been to? What flavours have you tried?


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