Hot Chocolate Festival 2019

I’m always so excited for Hot Chocolate fest. This year it was mine and my sister’s goal to try as many flavours as we possibly could! There were so many cool looking hot chocolates this year. In total we got to try 9 flavours between the two of us. We made sure to order both flavours at every cafe we went to so that we could sample as many as we could. Here are the locations and hot chocolates we tried this year.

Mon Paris Patisserie:
Canadian Comfort:

This one was a pretty basic hot chocolate. Nothing really stood out about the flavours, or the appearance.

Canadian Comfort

Crazy Rich Pandan:

The hot chocolate itself was quite basic. The chocolate fan was quite nice. I believe it was white chocolate. The durian was dried and therefore had a lovely crunch to it, however tasted disgusting. I instantly regretted taking a bite.

Crazy Rich Pandan









Thomas Haas Patisserie:
There is hope:

This one tasted really good, until the “egg” was stirred and mixed in with the hot chocolate. It gave it a passion fruit flavour, which completely ruined the taste.

there is hope

You are fired:

I was super excited to take a picture of this one. I did not realize how quickly the chocolate would melt. It was a little disappointing that the face turned around so quickly after placing it into the hot chocolate. I got about 3 pictures before it was gone. The hot chocolate was quite nice however, got extremely sweet halfway through. Unfortunately I could not finish the drink because it was too sickeningly sweet.









BjornBar Bakery:

I did not try this one, but my sister did. According to her, the hot chocolate was tiny! It was also just a basic hot chocolate, nothing out of the ordinary. The pastries on top however, were quite delicious.









Earnest Ice Cream:
Sweet and Salty:

This one was super sweet. I mean if you’re going to be a hot chocolate, at least taste like chocolate. The dessert on the side was also not my favourite. It tasted like a date bar. This one was definitely one of my least favourite hot chocolates this year.


Nutty and Nice:

This one was also one of our least favourite hot chocolates. It tasted earthy and was too sweet to enjoy. The cookie on the side was also super sweet, making the whole experience a little too sickeningly sweet. Not sure if we will be returning to Earnest Ice Cream next year for hot chocolate fest.

Nutty & Nice









Shiva & Parvati (India):

This one was pretty good. It had a super strong coffee flavour to it. If you’re a coffee lover, this one would have been perfect for you. The dessert on the side was quite nice too. They really tried to make it taste like an indian sweet. It was just a little too hard to dig into with a fork! The overall presentation was beautiful.

Shiva & Par

Diego & Freida (Mexico):

Again, the presentation was super cute! The hot chocolate was a white chocolate. It was a little too sweet and thick for my liking. I felt like I was drinking a cup of porridge. The cake on the side however was to die for! It was absolutely delicious. I will definitely be going back for their cakes!









My overall thoughts:

After trying so many hot chocolates, I have come to the conclusion that hot chocolate fest isn’t about the taste of the hot chocolate, but more so about how creative they are with the ingredients and the aesthetics. I was definitely not a fan of any of the hot chocolate’s I tried this year. If I had to pick my favourite one, it would be Thomas Haas’s ‘You are fired,’ but even that was way too sweet towards the end. I loved Thomas Haas’s hot chocolate for HCF last year and that is why I had high expectations for them this year. As a regular hot chocolate drinker, I was quite disappointed with how all of them tasted. A lot of them looked really cool and had super fancy names and descriptions, but the taste was not taken into consideration. I believe that a good hot chocolate must taste amazing. The presentation is just a bonus.

Let me know if you took part in HCF this year and which one’s you tried. Do you think Hot Chocolate fest is worth the hype?

If you’re interested in seeing more of where my sister and I go to eat, check out @255sisterseat on Instagram. We’ve been trying to post regularly!

-Shazia xx


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