Shaved ice

Snowy Village

Shaved ice is something I’ve wanted to try for a long time. I found this amazing little place called Snowy Village near Coquitlam centre that does shaved ice really well and also serves these really delicious sandwiches called Taiyaki. So far I have tried their Chocolate, Cheesecake, Oreo and Mango flavoured shaved ice aka Bingsoo. My fave has to be the Chocolate and Oreo with the cheesecake coming in next. I personally don’t like my deserts with fruit in them, therefore I would put the Mango Bingsoo last, however this is one of their most recommended flavours.


The seating area is quite cute. The chairs are fairly tiny, almost like a stool, but still sturdy enough to sit on.
Bingsoo is a Korean shaved ice dessert. This comes in various different flavours such as Oreo, Cheesecake, Injeolmi (Korean rice cake) and many more. This particular one is the Mango Bingsoo.
They also serve Croissant Taiyaki with various fillings inside it. This is the pizza Taiyaki which tastes like a grilled cheese sandwich.

Let me know what you think of shaved ice, have you tried it? Also let me know if you’ve heard of this place or been to it and what your thoughts are. I’d love to know!

-Shazia xx

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