Thomas Haas hcf 2018

Thomas Haas Patisserie – Hot Chocolate Fest

Today my sister and I headed to North Van to Thomas Haas Patisserie to try out their Snowball fight hot chocolate that they are having for hot chocolate fest. The hot chocolate came with a biscuit and a chocolate ball that was quite delicious. They sell similar chocolates at the cafe, but this particular one was not for sale. I’m guessing it was special for hot chocolate fest. The chocolate was creamy, with a rum like flavour to it. The hot chocolate itself was really good too. The first few sips were a little bitter, however after drinking the top layer it seemed to sweeten out, or maybe my tastebuds became used to the flavour. Overall this particular hot chocolate experience was great and I would definitely come back next year! We also ended up buying some of their other chocolates which we have yet to devour.

-Shazia x


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