My Holiday in Zanzibar!

Zanzibar is a beautiful island with lots to do and see. Today I will share with you what I did there in December.

Before diving into this post, you should know that Zanzibar has its history of slavery. Slaves were sold through the bidding system to the person who would pay the most for the slave being auctioned. Of course slavery no longer exists in Zanzibar today (thank goodness!), however there are various historic sites to visit where you can learn the history of slavery.

Where I stayed:

Diamonds La Gemma dell[/Est welcoming
Diamonds La Gemma dellEst welcome drink
I first stayed at Diamonds La Gemma dell’Est. An all-inclusive Italian resort with a beautiful view of the sea, where I could see the sunset, the beach and the swimming pool from my bedroom window! The resort was absolutely breathtaking and very well maintained. The staff were very friendly and spoke good english too – which is great for those who do not speak Swahili, which is the local East African language! Breakfast, lunch and dinner were served in the buffet style and there was always a huge variety of foods – from different types of salads, to curries and desserts, and so on.

of the pool and beach at the resort
Diamonds la Gemma dell’Est pool and beach view

Stone Town:

There are quite a few hotels you can stay at when in Stone Town. I chose to stay at the Park Hyatt Zanzibar, which had a beautiful beach view. The hotel was of walking distance to all the little shops in the very narrow streets of Stone Town. I only had breakfast at the hotel, as I wanted to have lunch and dinner elsewhere. Walking around Stone Town during the day, I noticed that there was a great selection of places to eat at, especially when looking for an authentic experience.

At night I checked out the Forodhani Gardens, which is known for it’s seafood. I’m not much of a seafood enthusiast so I opted to try out some Zanzibar pizza, which was quite nice. At the Forodhani Gardens, all the food is laid out on individual tables, and is prepared right there and than in front of you (kind of like a food truck, without the truck).

Streets of Stone Town
Forodhani Park
Forodhani Park at night

If you like sweets, you should try the Zanzibar Ubuyu which you can buy around the streets of Stone town. Ubuyu is Baobab fruit that has been turned into candy. The Baobab fruit is crushed into a powdery consistency. The powder is then mixed with sugar, spices and often red food colouring to make it taste sweet and spicy, and have a dark red colour to it. I absolutely love this stuff!

Ubuyu (Baobab sweets)

Prison Island:

I also took a little boat from the beach side of the Hyatt to Prison island, where I got to feed large tortoises. It was quite fascinating, and as a bonus I got to take some really cool Instagram shots with them, Eek!

View from Park Hyatt
View from Park Hyatt
Boats Lined up at Prison Island to take tourists/ visitors back to Stone town
Boats that go to Prison Island
Feeding Tortoise and Stone Town
Feeding Tortoise and Stone Town

Zanzibar is truly a wonderful place to visit with lots to see and do. Hit the thumbs up button below if you found this post interesting.

– Shazia xx


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