Suits Review

Suits Review

Meghan Markle has been in the news a lot lately. It all started off with the Royal wedding, and now it’s all about her being pregnant. Or is she? Let the conspiracies begin. With so many videos popping up about her on my YouTube feed, I decided to give Suits a watch. See what I thought of it, and if she was a good actress (I had never heard of her before the Royal wedding hype).

Meghan & Harry
Meghan & Harry
Thoughts on the show:

Initially I was a little confused, waiting for the storyline to pick up. I was totally hooked after the first episode! It is safe to say that I binge watched all 7 seasons in about 2-3 weeks. I was a little disappointed to see Mike go to prison though. I honestly thought he would get away with lying his way throughout the whole show! One thing I could not understand was why he didn’t just go to college and then go to Law school. With such an amazing memory, I think he would be done with both things a lot quicker than the average person.

I'm Donna, I know everything gif
When Donna meets Rachel

I also loved Donna’s character and thought she made the show. I hope she and Harvey end up together! That would be perfect. I also loved Mike and Harvey’s relationship. It’s really cool to see how it has evolved over the Seasons. It’s great to see how they both challenge each other while also mirroring each other. Mike really is a younger version of Harvey, and yet has very different characteristics.

Gif of Harvey stealing Mikes Bagel
Harvey stealing Mikes Bagel

One of my other favourite characters would have to be Jessica. She’s such a strong and smart character. She always knows what to do and takes charge of every situation. I was not expecting her to leave the firm in the last season (Season 7). At least she isn’t completely gone. She does appear every now and then in the 7th season after leaving Pearson Spector Litt.

Jessica yelling at Louis for all the trouble he gets the firm into, all the time!

I believe that Season 8 is out, but just not of Netflix Canada yet. I can’t wait to watch it. It’s really sad that Rachel (Mehan Markle) will no longer be in the show. I thought her character was quite an important one in the show and her acting was pretty amazing. I wonder if her and Mike get married in season 8. Is she even in Season 8? So many questions.

Let me know what you think of Suits. Have you watched it? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below, and hit the ‘like’ button to let me know you read this post, and if you’d want to see more posts like this one!

Until next time,

-Shazia xx

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